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Land Revival with Universal Agriculture and Bugarri Services Group

Are you grappling with the challenges of deteriorating farmland? Universal Agriculture and Bugarri Services Group have forged a powerful alliance to address this critical issue. Together, we offer a comprehensive solution to revive and rejuvenate your soil, restoring its fertility and productivity. Dive into the details of how this collaborative effort can transform your agricultural land.

Soil Assessment

Our process kicks off with a meticulous assessment of your soil's condition. Universal Agriculture's experts evaluate parameters such as salinity levels, pH, nutrient content, and overall health.

This comprehensive evaluation serves as the foundation for a tailored land revival plan, ensuring that every aspect of your soil's needs is addressed.

Customized Treatment

Universal Agriculture takes the lead in designing a unique, science-backed solution based on the findings from the soil assessment.

Bugarri Services Group steps in to implement this customized treatment plan with precision and expertise. Their skilled professionals ensure that the plan is executed effectively on your farmland.

man in gray hoodie and black pants holding brown cardboard box
man in gray hoodie and black pants holding brown cardboard box

Salinity Control

Salinity-induced degradation can cripple farmland, rendering it unproductive. Universal Agriculture's flagship product, Salt Fighter, is at the heart of our solution.

Bugarri Services Group handles the application of Salt Fighter with finesse, effectively dislodging sodium and chlorine ions from the soil. This process prevents these toxic ions from reattaching, resulting in the leaching of harmful salts from your land. The immediate impact is evident as your crops regain their vigor and vitality.

pH Management

Soil pH plays a crucial role in nutrient absorption and overall plant health. Universal Agriculture's Master Humic Potassium is instrumental in managing soil pH effectively.

Bugarri Services Group is responsible for the application of Master Humic Potassium, ensuring that your soil's pH is balanced to create a nutrient-rich environment that fosters robust crop growth.

green plant on persons hand
green plant on persons hand

Success Stories

Lemon Trees 2 Years of Sodic Soil Contamination

In Yuma, Arizona, a lush lemon orchard of 11,000 trees was established two years ago. While all sharing the same root stock, some trees stood at a towering 7 feet, while 15-20% reached just 2 feet or less. These trees receive drip irrigation from a property well three times a week, but the well water's salinity measured 653 ppm. Soil samples revealed variable salinity levels, ranging from 703 ppm to a staggering 9,243 ppm in the most affected areas.

To address this challenge, we applied two rounds of Salt Fighter to reduce soil salinity to around 500 ppm or less. The result? These lemon trees flourished with newfound vitality, a testament to our commitment to their well-being.


Both Universal Agriculture and Bugarri Services Group share a strong commitment to sustainable farming practices.

By rejuvenating degraded soils, we not only boost agricultural productivity but also contribute to environmental conservation by mitigating the adverse effects of salinity and pH-related issues.

Video Proof of Concept

Master Humic Fulvic Acid and Salt Fighter November 2018

In this YouTube video from Universal Agriculture featuring Abbas Alhadithi, CTO of Bugarri Services Group and President of Universal Agriculture, we are presented with a lemon plantation in Yuma, Arizona, in November 2018. We applied two treatments, Master Humic Acid and Salt Fighter, to the left section of the plantation, while the right section remained untreated as our control. We can clearly see a significant difference between the two sections, with the treated trees on the left exhibiting greater density, height, width, and overall size compared to the untreated trees on the right. Both sections received the same care and water from the Colorado River, but it's important to note that the treatment began after the lemon trees' flowering season in February. While we already see a visible difference, we anticipate even more significant results in the next season. Our primary goal with these treatments is to enhance soil health and tree strength, leading to more efficient growth.

Soil Salinity Problems

In this video from Universal Agriculture, the focus is on showcasing the difference between treated and non-treated fields. The non-treated field, as seen in the initial pictures, is visibly affected by salt accumulation around the trees due to irrigation. In contrast, the treated field, after three months and two applications of Salt Fighter, has significantly reduced salt levels from 2200 ppm to an average of about 700 ppm. The pH level has also decreased due to the use of Master Humic Baltic Acid, which was previously around nine. Universal Agriculture and Bugarri Services Group emphasizes the benefits of our treatment methods.

Soil Amendments Affects on Plants

In this video from Universal Agriculture, they provide an update on their progress in a field in New Mariana, recorded in 2018. The field, covering approximately 160 acres, uses drip irrigation and draws water from a well. The challenge faced by the field was high salt levels and high pH, leading to plant stress. To address this issue, Universal Agriculture and Bugarri Services Group employed two of our products:

Master Humic Acid (Volvic)

This product was used to reduce the soil's pH, bringing it down from around nine to approximately six and a half.

Salt Fighter

This product was employed to lower the salt levels, reducing them from 2,200 to about 700 ppm.

The video promises to show the results after three months of treatment, and in the following segment, you can see the field with a transformed appearance. Stress in the plants is reduced, and there's no longer a visible salt ring around the trees. Salt levels have substantially decreased, and the pH is now more favorable, sitting at around 6.5.


The revival of your farmland is not merely a possibility; it is a reality made possible through the partnership of Universal Agriculture and Bugarri Services Group. Bid farewell to diminishing yields and welcome the era of thriving agriculture. Join the growing community of farmers who have experienced the extraordinary transformation of their land. Contact us today to embark on your land's revival journey.