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Bugarri Farms Partner Program

At Bugarri Services Group Universal (BSG Universal), we are thrilled to introduce our upcoming Bugarri Farms Partner Program—an innovative initiative poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape. This program is set to redefine the way our partners engage in crop management and sales, presenting new opportunities and a fresh perspective on agricultural commerce.

At the heart of our commitment to excellence, the Bugarri Farms Partner Program is designed to streamline the process of managing and selling crops with the help of BSG Universal's cutting-edge products and services. This program embodies our dedication to reliability, transparency, and growth, ensuring that both seasoned farmers and newcomers alike can thrive in the dynamic world of agriculture.

What Awaits You

Exclusive Agricultural Opportunities

Gain exclusive access to a carefully curated selection of high-quality crops produced through BSG Universal's advanced agricultural solutions. Our program extends its reach to diverse markets, offering opportunities to sell crops in various regions, including Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and local U.S. markets.

Tailored Agricultural Support

Our experienced team is committed to understanding your unique needs and objectives. Benefit from customized crop management strategies, logistical support, and expert guidance to ensure a seamless and efficient journey in the agricultural sector.

Transparency and Compliance in Agriculture

BSG Universal places a high premium on transparency and compliance in agricultural practices. Expect clear and straightforward processes, empowering you to navigate the complexities of crop management and sales with confidence.

Expand Your Agricultural Network

Joining the Bugarri Farms Partner Program means becoming a part of our extensive network of like-minded farmers, businesses, and government entities. Collaborate, build relationships, and explore new horizons in the world of agriculture.

Join the Hanging Gardens Network: Introducing Bugarri Farms Produce

🌱 Cultivating Success, Connecting Futures:

Embark on a visionary investment journey with the Hanging Gardens Network, introducing the revolutionary Bugarri Farms . Within this network, BSG Universal orchestrates the seamless management of interconnected farms, creating an ecosystem of agricultural excellence. Your investment transcends traditional boundaries, supporting a dynamic network poised for sustainable and fruitful growth.

💡 Invest in Synergy, Reap the Rewards:

Become a part of the vibrant synergy that defines Bugarri Farms within the Hanging Gardens Network. Your investment isn't just in crops; it's in the innovative practices, efficiency, and interconnected success that sets Bugarri Farms apart. The Hanging Gardens Network ensures that every Premier Partner is a key player in this agricultural narrative, reaping the rewards of a visionary approach to farming.

🚀 From Ground to Market, Your Investment Grows:

Joining the Hanging Gardens Network means witnessing your investment bloom from seed to shelf. Bugarri Farms isn't just about cultivating crops; it's about cultivating a vision for the future. As a Premier Partner, you're not merely a stakeholder; you're a strategic partner in the journey from farm to market, reaping the benefits of a thriving and sustainable agricultural enterprise.

Seize the opportunity to join a network that transcends traditional farming investments – Join the Hanging Gardens Network, and be part of the success story that is Bugarri Farms.

Join the Hanging Gardens Network: Introducing Bugarri Farms Produce

SRT Subscription Plan

Elevate your agricultural game with our SRT Subscription Plan. Access cutting-edge market insights, trends, and strategic forecasts that empower you to make informed decisions. Stay steps ahead in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape.

Futures Contracts Information

Stay in the know about upcoming market opportunities with our comprehensive futures contracts information. We provide you with the latest details on potential crops, ensuring you're well-prepared to navigate and capitalize on emerging trends.

Strategic Crop Fulfillment

Leverage our extensive market connections to turn your land into a strategic asset. Fulfill demands for high-demand crops, securing tender offers and quotas. Your membership ensures that your agricultural endeavors align seamlessly with market demands, maximizing your profitability.

Join The Hanging Gardens Network and revolutionize your approach to agriculture. Unleash the full potential of your land with our integrated SRT Subscription Plan and valuable market insights.


For additional details or inquiries about the Bugarri Farms Partner Program, kindly complete the contact form below. Alternatively, feel free to reach out directly to Jimmy Simon at (916) 712-6672. We look forward to assisting you and providing the information you need.